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2 Sided Shelters

Our most popular shelter.
Attractive black framework with domed roof.
Glazing on 2 sides & roof.
Wall mounted stainless steel ash bin.


2 Sided Shelters
Model/Size Capacity
2m x 1m 4 person
2m x 2m 6 person
2m x3m 10 person
2m x 4m 14 person
3m x 4m 18 person
Bench seat (full length)
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Standard Features

All our Smoking Shelters comply with:

UK Regulations – 50% of wall area open for ventilation.
The Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005
Office of Tobacco Control regulations Ireland.

Our Shelters combine excellent Weather Protection with natural ventilation to expel smoke.
High Strength tubular steel construction.
UV protected, non shatter, Polycarbonate wall panels.
Rust free, Galvanised and Painted finish. Standard colours: Black, Green, Grey.
Easily assembled (Installation service available)
Bespoke Shelters manufactured to your specifications.

Free Stainless Steel Wall mounted Ash bin
with each Shelter ordered.



Smoking Shelters | Smoking Sheds
2S 4 (4m x 2m) 14 person Shelter.

Smoking Shelters | Smoking Sheds

2S 1 (2m x 1m) 4 person Shelter.

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