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Clad Cycle Shelter.

Zinc Galvanised Steel framework.  Profiled, PVC coated Cladding Panels.
Zinc plated racks for Bicycles.  Optional Painted finish – choice of Colours.


Clad Cycle Shelter
Model/Size Capacity
5 Cycle Shelter (with wheel racks) 2.0m x 1.85m x 2.5m           
10 Cycle Shelter (with wheel racks) 3.9m x 1.85m x 2.3m
10 Cycle Shelter (with toastrack)            3.9m x 1.85m x 2.3m        
15 Cycle Shelter (with wheel racks) 5.7m x 1.85m x 2.3m
15 Cycle Shelter (with toastrack)            5.7m x 1.85m x 2.3m


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clad cycle shelter

2S 4 (4m x 2m) 14 person Shelter.
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